Consignment Rules

Minimum of 12 pieces to start an account
  • All clothing must be brought in freshly cleaned, pressed and on hangers. We do not look at items in bags, suitcases or boxes.
  • Good hangers will be returned upon request.
  • Items can be brought in on wire drycleaning hangers
  • Sweaters and jeans can be folded.
  • All shoes must be cleaned and polished. Soles and heels in great condition.

Drop Offs

We accept fall/winter items from the end of August until the end of January.Spring/summer items from the end of February until mid July.
Items are accepted from 10:30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, no appointment needed however please call before arriving due to limited space in the store. 
You will be assigned an account number and any subsequent drop off items will be added to it.
Due to our high volume of consignment drop offs, we will send you a list of the pricing and items brought in through the mail. If you have any concerns about the pricing of certain item, please let us know when you drop off. Soiled items may be sent out for dry cleaning service, the cost to be deducted from your account.